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We're only here to die.

29 June 1988
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you can be your own spotlight.

the girl
Heather. Bisexual. . Shoved into this world on June, 29 1988. Making her 21 years young. Has five piercings, snakebites, nose, medusa, industrial, plus more to come. Obsessed with taking photos. Shy. Speaks her mind. Momma to two fur babies, Buddy and Nikki. Drug free, smoke free, alcohol free. Adores music, doesn't know what she'd do without it honestly. Open minded. Gets annoyed really easy. Is a daughter, friend, sister, cousin, aunt. Forgives easily, but doesn't forget. Addicted to the internet. Doesn't believe in God, Heaven, Satan, or Hell. Absolutley loves Avenged Sevenfold. My Chemical Romance is fucking amazing. ♥
her loves
Rachel. Avenged fucking Sevenfold. Nikki Sixx. My Chemical Romance. Music. Chipotle. Animals. My family. Internet. Concerts. Piercings. Tattoos. Food (junk, mexican, pasta). Horror movies. Blood. Gore. Disneyworld. Jolly Ranchers. The ocean. Autumn. Taking photos. Candles. Skittles. Jewelry. Fan fiction. Paint Shop Pro. Facebook. Livejournal! DVDS. Anything Disney. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Alice In Wonderland. Shopping. Swimming. Rain. Late nights. Ice cream. Olive Garden. Myspace. Making graphics. Collecting photos. Board games. Hot showers. Hair dye. Vacations. Money. Tattooed rockers. Nerds.

These men.
Gerard Way. Johnny Christ. Nikki Sixx. Synyster Gates. Wednesday 13. The Rev. M. Shadows. Zacky Vengeance. Jerry Horton. Frank Iero. Billy Martin. Matt Tuck. Billie Joe Armstrong. Patrick Stump. Matt Good. Joey Jordison. Zakk Wylde. Jeph Howard. Bert McCracken. Jacoby Shaddix.

her hates
Just about everything. Twilight! Most Avenged Sevenfold fans. Homophobia. Judgmental people. Close minded people. Fuck, people in general. When people don't know what originality is! Shitty horror movies these days. Perverts. The creeps on myspace. When your photo gets tons of views and no comments, wtf?! Assholes. Child abuse. Two faced people. Self centered people. Animal abuse. Arguing. Nosy people. Sluts. Whores. Fakes. Liars. Cheaters. Snobs. Copy cats. Loud kids. Early mornings. Chinese food, Japanese food. Barking dogs. When my laptop dies. Most of the Avenged Sevenfold fan base. Waiting. Long lines. Waking up. Crying. Being alone. Spiders. Coldplay. Rap music. Hip hop music. Lil Wayne. Death. Losing someone.
her music
Avenged Sevenfold. Green Day. My Chemical Romance. The Used. Fall Out Boy. Papa Roach. Black Label Society. Motley Crue. Gunfire 76. Good Charlotte. Wednesday 13. Adam Lambert. Shinedown. Simple Plan. Slash. HIM. Zakk Wylde. Bullet For My Valentine. AFI. Within Temptation. Marilyn Manson. Benji Madden. Slipknot. Lady Gaga. Angels and Airwaves. Eighteen Visions. Frankenstein Dragqueens From Planet 13. Guns N Roses. Blink 182. Sixx AM. Fuel. Pop Evil. Lacuna Coil. Burn Halo. Epypt Central. Skid Row. The All American Rejects. The Academy Is. Atreyu. Pinkly Smooth. Halestorm. The Confession. Murderdolls. Fozzy. Stone Sour. In This Moment. Buckcherry. Mest. Hinder. Poison. Lostprophets. Pantera. Ashba. Metallica. Killswitch Engage. Bourbon Crow. Misfits. Rob Zombie.
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RIP Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan.
May I one day fall from life and into your arms.

"Remind the lord to leave his light on for me... I'm free."